Band Pics
Photos courtesy of Johnny Koenig from our debut performances at Slovenefest XXVII on Friday & Saturday, July 11 & 12, 2008, at the SNPJ Recreation Center in Enon Valley, PA.
The members of Yinz4 with band manager Larry Klima.  He's in charge of the key to the liquor cabinet.

A distracted band photo w/Johnny Koenig, Mike Grkman, Jerry Zagar, Brian O'Boyle

Performing on stage well after midnight - well lubricated.  Joined by Michael Kramer.

Rockin out on stage.  The Polkaholics would be proud.

Up close & personal with Yinz4 joined by Allison Grkman & Ed Klancnik as Mike Grkman calls for 4 more beers.

Surprising band photo.