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New Recordings 3
(A listing of older recordings received and premiered on our radio show)

View the newest recordings available on New Recordings
and more older recordings on New Recordings 2

This is a public service of Prime Time Polkas.com.  To get your band's recording listed here and promoted in the Western Pennsylvania area and worldwide on the internet, send us your promo CDs.

Prime Time Polkas
P.O. Box 73
North Versailles, PA  15137

"Timeless Polkas and Waltzes" - Walter Ostanek
Walter's 2009 effort contains 22 tracks with 5 selections previously released by his band.  Special guests include Klancnik & Friends on "Look My Way" & "Lou's Polka," Jim Kozel on "Tavern Polka," Frank Moravcik on "Cherokee Polka," Bob Kravos on "Magic Moment Waltz" (previously released) and the country group The Toasted Western Swing Band on 2 other tracks.

Contact:  Walter Ostanek, 41 Geneva St., St. Catherines, Ontario, L2R-4M5
Phone:  905-684-2961

Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  Sunshine Diversified, Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

"The Best of 'Cleveland-Style'" - Kravos Recording
Bob Kravos produces this recording featuring many, many polka artists on 21 tracks.  Headlining the individual tracks on the accordions are Bob Kravos, Tony Fortuna, Fred Ziwich, Joe Bajuk, Joey Tomsick, Stan Blout & Fred Gregorich.    

Bob Kravos website:  www.bkboysintheband.com
E-mail:  bkboysintheband@aol.com
Write:  Bob Kravos, 11665 Cherry Hollow Dr., Chardon Twp., OH  44024
Phone:  440-286-5556

"The First Forty Years'" - Tom Brusky
Tom celebrates his 40th birthday by releasing his latest CD.  11 tracks including the introduction, 2 button box selections featuring Kathy Zamejc Vogt, a nearly 8-minute long Frank Sinatra medley plus a 16+ minute Cleveland style polka medley with 12 classic polkas.  Guest vocalists include Dan Tutsch, Steve Meisner & Dan Wojtila.  Go to his site below for details on this and all of Tom's recordings available online as snail-mail CDs or mp3 downloads at a discounted price.  

Website:  www.tombrusky.com
E-mail Tom Brusky
Write:  Tom Brusky, 4055 S. 103rd St., Milwaukee, WI 53228-2005

"Snowy Days'" - New Phaze
Just in time for the 2009 holiday season comes this CD containing 12 tracks of mostly original Christmas music.  New Phaze is headed up by Tony Blazonczyk outside of Chicago.  

New Phaze website:  www.newphaze.com
E-mail Tony Blazonczyk
Write:  Tony Blazonczyk, 7209 Bradford Ct., Justice, IL 60458
Phone:  815-530-5917

"Jammin'" - Fairport Jammers
This group of musicians under the direction of leader Frank Sajn gets together every other Friday at the Fairport (Ohio) Slovenian Club to jam to their favorite Slovenian tunes, many which are represented here, their first CD.  14 tracks of old-time polkas & waltzes you're sure to recognize.  Recorded & guested by Bob Kravos at Kravos Recording in Chardon, OH.  

Bob Kravos website:  www.bkboysintheband.com
E-mail:  bkboysintheband@aol.com
Write:  Bob Kravos, 11665 Cherry Hollow Dr., Chardon Twp., OH  44024
Phone:  440-286-5556

"Movin' On" - Eddie Forman Orchestra
18 tracks of Polish style polkas, waltzes & obereks from this band from Massachusetts.  CDs are $15 plus $2 shipping.  Visit their website for more details.

Website: www.eddieforman.com
E-mail:  eddieforman@charter.net

Write to: EFO, P.O. Box 148, Hadley, MA  01035
Phone:  413-584-2043

"Precious Memories" - Marv Nissel Band
This band from New Ulm, Minnesota, presents their latest, numbering volume 27!  13 tracks of polkas & waltzes with a touch of country.  Visit their website for complete details & ordering info.

Website: www.itspolkatime.com/nissel.html
E-Mail:  cnissel@hotmail.com

Write to: Marv Nissel Band, 38121 631st Ave., New Ulm, MN  56073
Phone:  507-359-9785

"Have A Shot With" - New Phaze
Tony Blazonczyk heads up this group from just west of Chicago, Illinois.  14 Polish style polkas, waltzes & obereks including 2 originals in line with the theme of the album, "Have a Shot With New Phaze" & "Drink With Me Oberek."  I'm sure you get the theme.  Visit their website for complete details & ordering info.

Website: www.newphaze.com
E-Mail:  New_Phaze@yahoo.com

Write to: Tony Blazonczyk, 7209 Bradford Ct., Justice, IL, 60458
Phone:  815-530-5917

"Polka Playin' Fool" - John Gora & Gorale
The 8th recording from the band contains 16 tracks of Polish style polkas, waltzes & obereks.  Special guests include Ted Lange & Mollie Busta (of Squeezebox Band) among others.  Visit their website for complete details & ordering info.

Website: www.johngora.com
E-Mail:  john@johngora.com

or by snail mail in the USA: P.O. Box 196, Buffalo, NY 14225

or in Canada at: 2178 Ferencich Court, Burlington, ON L7M 3N1 Canada

"Symphonic Polkas" - Brave Combo
Denton, Texas' Brave Combo is back with their latest CD of 14 polkas, waltzes, a two-step & a czardas.  Oh, and they're featuring the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra backing up the group recorded live on February 2, 2008.  Although the recording contains mostly songs Brave Combo has released before, the listener has never heard those tunes arranged like this, with upwards of 20-25 parts for every instrument of the symphony orchestra.

Website:  http://brave.com/bo
E-mail:  office @brave.com

Write:  Brave Combo, P.O. Box 233, Denton, TX  76202

"Stay All Night" - Alex Meixner
22 tracks are on this CD that Alex feels is his "best to date!"  And we'd have to agree with that.  Alex again takes you on a musical journey through various styles including German, country/cajun, Polish and straight-ahead Cleveland / Slovenian.  Check out original tracks like "Alpenade," "Donuts Polka," "Drunk Monkey Polka," "Squeezin' Jam" & more (8 originals total).  You can contact Alex directly and/or listen to preview tracks & purchase online below.

Website:  www.alexmeixner.com
E-mail:  alex@alexmeixner.com
Write:  Meixner Music Productions, 3440 Lehigh St. #285, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone:  610-774-0446

Purchase online at:

"On the Other Side of the Tracks" - Fred Ziwich and his International Sound Machine
One thing about this band - when they play different styles, they do it authentically well.  For the first time on any ISM recording, they've produced a Polish style CD containing 19 tracks including some long medleys.  Polkas, waltzes & obereks make up the content with special guest Joe Oberaitis sitting in on a few vocals.  Contact Fred for a catalog of his extensive CD releases of a wide variety of music.

E-mail Fred:  FPZISM@aol.com
Write:  Fred Ziwich, 28454 Douglas Dr., North Olmsted, OH  44070
Phone:  440-734-2404

"Wanted...Lost Gold" - Verne Meisner
Verne's son Steve Meisner put together this collection of never-before-released material recorded by his dad & his band dating back to the era of 1960-1969.  Hear Verne's creative processes at work as he sculpted these 27 tracks (33 in total, 6 are speaking tracks) into what was & what forever will be the "Meisner sound."  Steve from the liner notes:  My sole purpose for releasing Verne Meisner's Lost Gold is to share with you the "behind the scenes" genius that I grew up with and thousands of fans adored - the relentless effort to try until it was perfect - and to show the tremendous talent along the way of all the musicians that made an unforgettable mark in music history.

Steve Meisner's website:  www.stevemeisner.com
 E-mail:  zboxman@jefnet.com
Write:  Steve Meisner, N7547 W. Lakeshore Dr., Whitewater, WI  53190

"Polka Funhouse" - Joey Tomsick
This recording marks the 25th anniversary of the band.  It contains 16 tracks, about half of which are new or original tunes.  Polkas, waltzes, button box, chormatic & half-chromatic accordions are featured.  Check out the beautiful ballad "Grandpa (Tell Me About The Good Old Days)" sung by Joey's sister-in-law Mery Tomsick.

Website:  www.joeytomsick.com
 E-mail Joey Tomsick:  joeynow@yahoo.com

Write:  Joey Tomsick, 7261 Hunting Lake Dr., Concord Twp., OH  44077

(no CD cover art or liner notes were sent)
"Freshly Squeezed" - Squeeze Box
20 tracks on this latest release from Ted Lange, Mollie Busta and Dave Burner based in Ridgeville Corners, Ohio, west of Toledo, Ohio.  Get a variety of music here including Polish, Czech, German & Slovenian polkas, waltzes & more.  A great effort from the second release of this band.  Get more details on their website below.

Website:  www.squeezeboxband.com
E-mail:  boxplayr@bright.net
Write:  Ted Lange, P.O. Box 327, Ridgeville Corners, OH 43555

"got knews?" - The Knewz
"Heat" - Scrubby & Sunshine
More Polish-style CDs come in from Sunshine Records.  The Knewz CD contains 14 tracks, many of them new & different songs as written by the band.  Scrubby & Sunshine's CD is a re-release of an early 1980s vinyl recording digitally remastered.  You can pick any or all of them up directly through Sunshine's website below.

Sunshine Records Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  S.D.E., P.O. Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

The Knewz Website:  www.theknewz.com
E-mail Tom Picciano:  peach22@roadrunner.com

"Gaylord Klancnik" - Gaylord Klancnik
Gaylord's accordion tracks were recorded just months prior to his untimely & tragic death in a car accident in December 2005.  These 16 tracks (19 in total) were just to be a basis for a new recording he & son Ed Klancnik were planning for the following year.  Ed enlisted the services of now Klancnik & Friends' band members along with many special guests to release this, Gaylord's final project.  If you had heard Gaylord's band live (including the Klancnik Brothers Orchestra), this CD contains many of the favorites that were most always played at each performance.  Tracks like "4 R's Polka," "You're My Something," "Everywhere You Go," "This Must Be the Place" & many, many more classics done in the kickin' Klancnik style.

E-mail Ed Klancnik:  ed@knfband.com
Label Website:  www.ranchrecordings.com

"Dancing Fingers" & "Just For You" - Brent Buswell
These new-to-us CDs come in front Brent Buswell now of Donegal, PA.  Dancing Fingers was released in 2006 and Just For You in 2004.  Brent is backed up on both CDs by Alex Meixner.  A variety of music is offered here including polkas, waltzes, novelties, inspirationals, bluegrass & more all featuring his fantastic finger work on accordion.  Visit his website below to preview some songs & obtain more info.

Website:  www.brentbuswell.com
E-mail:  music@brentbuswell.com
Write:  Brent Buswell, P.O. Box 317, Donegal, PA  15628
Phone 724-593-3618

"A Company Affair" - Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
Polish style polka fans will enjoy this 15 track release from Craig Ebel & Co. from Minnesota.  CDs are $15 plus $3 shipping.  Visit their website for more info.

Website:  www.itspolkatime.com/dyversaco.html
E-mail:  dyversaco@hotmail.com
Write:  Craig Ebel, P.O. Box 32757, Minneapolis, MN 55432
Phone 763-753-6599

"Fresh Stuff From Otter Creek" - Ron Pivovar
16 original button box tracks (17 total) are composed by Ron in this self-proclaimed last recording in his Otter Creek series (well, maybe not).  This is the first time Ron is utilizing Cleveland style instruments instead of the traditional European sound of button accordion, bass & guitar.  Helping him do so are Dave Lawrence (banjo) & John Gerl (drums).  Ron also plays bass guitar, sax & guitar in addition to the button accordion & half chromatic accordion.

E-mail Ron Pivovar:  rpivovar@verizon.net
Phone 724-588-3786

"BANG!" - Mikey Dee Polka Band
Mikey Dee enlisted the services of Gary Rhamy & Peppermint Productions to record & release his band's latest effort.  14 tracks of Cleveland style polkas & waltzes including 3 originals.  The band members are Mikey Dee (accordion, keyboards, piano, prim & vocals), Don Ferrante (tenor sax, clarinet, Latin percussion & vocals), Gary Skovenski (banjo & guitar), Rich Hluben (bass) and Mike Visnick (drums).

E-mail Mikey Dee:  mdpolkats@aol.com
Phone 412-751-1328

"The One and Only" - The Culkars
These songs were to be recorded by Frank Culkar & Bruce Burger back in the late 1960s but the recording never materialized.  Here, some 40 years later, the Culkars get together to finally have this album produced in tribute to Frank Culkar.  20 tracks of mostly Frank Culkar originals but the CD also contains compositions from Doc Lausche, Johnny Pecon & Matt Hoyer.

E-mail:  culkar@hotmail.com
Write:  Frank Culkar, 9933 Ridge Rd., North Royalton, OH  44133
Phone 440-582-3290

"Plays Cleveland Style Polkas" / "Slovenian Holiday" - Hank Haller Ensemble
"Ken Umeck's Button Box Magic" / "Button Box Jubilee!" - Crooked River Button Box Club
4 CDs dating back to the year 2000 come in from Hank Haller.  Hank plays some Cleveland Style Polkas with 15 tracks of tunes originally done by the likes of Bass, Habat, Mullec, Vadnal, Sokach, Yankovic, Champa & Blumauer.  Slovenian Holiday contains 14 tracks of mostly Avsenik material.  Button Box Magic features Ken Umeck playing 12 tracks.  Button Box Jubilee! features 16 tracks with performances by Jake Zagger, Ken Umeck, Ron Pivovar, Fred Ziwich & Hank Haller.

Write:  Hank Haller Enterprises, Inc., 27672 Royal Forest Dr., Westlake, OH  44145
Phone 440-835-4407

"Polkas and Waltzes Galore" - Ken Novak
23 tracks including 8 originals are on this latest effort by Ken Novak from Arizona, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio.  Get alot of music from polka legends such as Bass, Budney, Pecon & Trebar, Flaisman, Sodja, Benedict, Zagger & much more.

Website:  www.kennovakmusic.com
E-mail:  kennovak@cox.net
Write:  Ken Novak, 344 E. Calle Aspa, Green Valley, CA, 85614
Phone 520-797-2441

"A Bright Idea" - Jimmy K and Ethnic Jazz
Jimmy Krzeszewski takes over this Polish style band from Strongsville, Ohio.  The new CD contains 14 tracks of polkas, waltzes & an oberek.  They keep their traditional sound while presenting new ideas & some original songs.  Preview some tracks & order online through their website below.

Website:  www.ethnicjazzohio.com
Write:  Jimmy K, P.O. Box 360855, Strongsville, OH  44136
Phone 440-846-0404

"Pickled Favorites" - The Pickled Herring Band
This CD comes in from Lori Hansen of Washington state, formerly of King Cove, Alaska.  King Cove is the remote community where Lori was employed by a seafood company and, in her spare time, entertain on her accordion many years ago.  Lori's band recorded this 18-track CD in 2001 containing a variety of music including polkas, waltzes, schottiches & more.  Lori dedicates the CD to all the folks in King Cove who love the music & for all the great memories.  (King Cove's website has a direct link to primetimepolkas.com!)  

Write:  Lori Hansen, 2097 E. Millman Rd., Langley, WA  98260

"We Speak the Language of Music" - Walt Groller
A variety of music is contained on the 13-track release by Walt Groller from Eastern PA.  Six are originals plus remakes of German, Russian & Irish folk songs.  He has recorded 24 albums & written at least 250 songs in his musical career.  His latest are available on CDs, seven in total including this one.  Cost is $17 including postage.

Write:  Chalet Records, 3932 Mechansville Rd., Whitehall, PA  18052
Phone 610-435-4009

"Life's Too Short...Thank God For Polkas" - Ania Piwowarczyk
"Back To Honky" - Florida Honky Polka Band
Both of these latest releases come in from Sunshine Records of New York.  Ania belts out some very nice Polish & American style polkas, waltzes, obereks, salsa & more on her 18-track release.  The Florida Honky Band continues their Polish Honky style on 13 tracks of polkas, waltzes, obereks & more.

Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  Sunshine Diversified, Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

Ania's website:  www.aniapiwo.com

Florida Honky Polka Band's e-mail:  fhpb@kitchinsynkdigital.com

"On A Roll Again" - Denny Pasz Band
Denny Pasz from Bellaire, Ohio, releases a new 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers song with On A Roll Again, containing 4 tracks of the same song on this one CD.  Denny also released another single called Steelers All the Way a few years ago.

For more info & to order, call Carol Suchan
Phone 740-671-8331

"A Polka Journey from Graz to Gorensko - Polka Portraits" - Meixner-Weber Orch.
"Plays the Old Songs" - Kathy Hlad
These CDs come in from Al Meixner Music of Eastern Pennsylvania.  The Meixner-Weber Orchestra CD contains selections from 2 LPs originally released in the early 1970s.  Brand new for this year, Kathy Hlad performs 13 tracks of Slovenian folk songs backed up Al Meixner.  Get the details of these and many more by visiting Al Meixner's website below or buy his material online at cdbaby.com.

Website:  www.almeixner.com
Buy online:  http://cdbaby.com/all/almeixner
E-mail:  al@almeixner.com
Write:  Al Meixner Music, 5562 Route 145, Laurys Station, PA  18059
Phone 610-261-3881

"German-American Classics" - The Rheingold Band
This band first got together in 1962, expanding to the 5-piece group in 1985 as recorded here.  They've performed throught the Midwest USA with their authentic German music.  15 tracks of polkas, waltzes, marches, rhumbas, a rheinlaender and a bit of country.

E-mail:  rheingoldband@hughes.net
Write:  Rheingold Band, 11115 Hyatt Martin Rd., Greenville, IN  47124
Phone 812-923-8358

"I Love Black & Gold" - Mercedez
"Steelers Polka 2009" - Andy Fenus & the Trel-Tones
More Steeler song releases come in by way of Bob Lavella's Fun Party Stores.   Pittsburgh's Mercedez band re-makes Joan Jett's I Love Rock N Roll into a Steeler song.  Also included on their 2-track release is a parody of The Brady Bunch Theme in honor of head coach Mike Tomlin.  Steelers Polka 2009 contains 2 tracks of the traditional Steeler fight song of the Pennsylvania Polka with Andy Fenus on vocals on track 1 and Bratislav Feildgol on track 2.

Available locally at Bob Lavella's Fun Party Stores (all locations) - Belle Vernon, Greensburg, Jeannette & Mount Pleasant
call toll-free 1-800-FOR-FUNN or visit www.funpartystores.com

Download Steelers Polka 2009 here.

"The Steelers Kiss of Steel" - Sinchak's Y-Town Rockers
Non-polka, but brand new for 2009.  Cheer on the Steelers to the Super Bowl for ring #6!  This is a remake of Kiss' "Rock 'N Roll All Night" arranged by Rod Sinchak, Del's son, and his Y-(oungstown, OH) Town Rockers.  One track only on this CD from Peppermint Productions.

Hear an audio sample on YouTube.

Available locally at Bob Lavella's Fun Party Stores (all locations) - Belle Vernon, Greensburg, Jeannette & Mount Pleasant
call toll-free 1-800-FOR-FUNN or visit www.funpartystores.com

or write:  Peppermint Productions, 803 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, OH, 44502
Phone:  330-783-2222
E-mail: info@PeppermintRecords.com
Visit their website

"Pistol Packin' Polkas" - Twin Country Accordions
15 tracks of "some old and some new" country style polkas & waltzes performed by legendary Slovenian accordion players Eddie Liszewski & Danny Yarnick.  Special guest Hank Adam Locklin from Nashville joins in on vocals on some tracks.  Visit the websites below for more info on this & many other polka, country, bluegrass & gospel recordings available from the Twin Country Accordions.  CDs are $15 including shipping.  Buy off their website or call toll-free to order with a major credit card.

Twin Country Accordions website:  www.twincountryaccordions.com
Yarnick's Farm Website:  www.yarnicksfarm.com
Write:  Lee Records, P.O. Box 265, Creekside, PA  15732
Phone:  1-877-349-3904

"Polka Classics" - Jerry Intihar
"Button Boy Polkas" & "Button Box Christmas" - Zupanchick Brothers
These CD re-releases come in from Joe Zupanchick of the Johnstown, PA, area.  Polka Classics contains 2 LPs from Jerry Intihar, I Love to Polka & Polkas For All Times, 24 tracks in total.  The Zupanchick Brothers, Tony & Joe, now have some of their earliest work available on CD.  Button Boy Polkas was their first recording (1977) containing 12 tracks, 8 originals.  Button Box Christmas (1982) features 10 tracks of Christmas polkas & waltzes that we still play today during the holiday season.

Write:  Joe Zupanchick, P.O. Box 81, Dunlo, PA, 15930
E-mail:  JoeZoneMusic@aol.com

"Home For Christmas" - Walter Ostanek
Walter combines his tracks from each of Sunshine Records' Polkas For the Christmas Season Volumes 1-3 into his own complete compilation of Christmas material.  12 tracks feature Walter & his band plus selections from Ron Sluga, The Western Senators and renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner" & "O, Canada" for 16 tracks in total.

Contact:  Walter Ostanek, 41 Geneva St., St. Catherines, Ontario, L2R-4M5
Phone:  905-684-2961

Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  Sunshine Diversified, Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

"Freshly Squeezed" - The Western Senators
Brian Sklar heads up this group from the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada area.  14 tracks of virtually all original material done with a great Cleveland-style sound.  Be sure to ask about their many other recordings including CDs & DVDs from live performances at Casino Regina.

Website:  www.polkarama.com
E-mail Brian Sklar:  sklar01@sasktel.net
Phone 306-545-1865

"25th Anniversary Special" - HG Studio & Don Hunjadi
Don Hunjadi owns & operates HG recording studio outside of Milwaukee, WI.  He's been the go-to guy for the past 25 years producing quality recordings of bands in that area.  Over the years, these "leftover" tracks sat on the shelf never to see the light of day - until now.  For whatever reason, these extra songs were recorded but never before released by bands such as Steve Meisner, Kenny Brandt, Don Gralak, Russ Allen, Bob Doszak, Joey Klass, The Sidemen & more.  You may be thinking this stuff wasn't good enough to make the cut - well, think (and listen) again.  18 tracks of polkas, waltzes & more in addition to 2 bonus tracks showing the versatility of the recording studio.

Get the info here.

Or you can order direct from Don Hunjadi online & listen to archived WJYI Polka Parade radio shows by visiting the website below.
Website:  www.wisconsinems.com/polkaparade
E-mail:  donh@wisconsinems.com
Write:  HG Studio, 21332 7 Mile Rd., Franksville, WI  53126
Phone 414-431-8193

"Pint Size Polkas" - Uncle Mike and his Polka Band
Mike Schneider from Milwaukee, WI, releases his sixth recording, this one targeted at the kiddos.  Features 15 tracks like "Alphabet Polka," "Chicken Dance," Toyland Polka," "I've Been Working on the Railroad," etc.  Get the complete track listing & ordering info at the website below.  You can also download a FREE mp3 file off the album & view the video for "Jolly Lumberjack" on YouTube.

Website:  www.pintsizepolkas.com
E-mail:  mike@pintsizepolkas.com
Write:  P.O. Box 342623, Milwaukee, WI  53234

"Paul Yanchar: A Man For All Seasons," "Perme's Polka Time" & "Pecon Plays Pop"
by Johnny Pecon & Lou Trebar
Classic Records adds these releases to their library of rare live performances of the Johnny Pecon & Lou Trebar Band and now the Jeff Pecon Band.  A Man For All Seasons is a 2-disc set featuring Paul Yanchar at his best playing sax & clarinet & vocalizing with the Pecon-Trebar Band and never-before-released live material of the Jeff Pecon Band.  Disc one contains 28 polka & waltz selections; disc two contains 24 tracks of "The Great American Song Book," old pop favorites from yesteryear.  Perme's Polka Time captures 22 tracks of audio from the Pecon-Trebar band's live television performances in 1950 & 1952.  Pecon Plays Pop has 20 tracks showing the "pop" side of the Pecon-Trebar Band from more rare live performances.  Individual prices are available on the printable pdf order form available on our website or you can purchase all 3 of these releases as a set for $50 & get free shipping (a total savings of $17 from purchasing seperately).  Mention Pam & Jerry for priority handling.

Write:  Fred Kuhar / Classic Records, 1951 Garden Dr., Wickliffe, OH  44092-1140
E-mail:  classicrecords@oh.rr.com
call toll-free 1-888-4-A-POLKA

"Salutes the Best of the Best" - Del Sinchak Band
With the band members growing up in "the greatest polka era of all time," they had the "good fortune to listen to, learn from and play with the polka masters."  This 13-track recording salutes the likes of Bass, Blazonczyk, Kramer, Miskulin, Ostanek, Pecon, Sturr, Vadnal & Yankovic.  2 bonus tracks are included (of the 13 total):  A tribute to late Western PA musician Gene Casciola & an original polka written by band member/accordionist Ron "Austie" Austalosh.

Write:  Del Sinchak, 181 Mathews Rd., Youngstown, OH  44512
Website:  www.peppermintrecords.com
E-mail:  info@peppermintrecords.com
or write:  Peppermint Records, 803 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, OH  44502

"Hand Clapping Toe Tapping Polkas" - John Detelich Orch.
This recording was originally released in the 1980s on LP & cassette.  Now available for the first time on CD, the title does not disappoint.  John's band visits the hits of Vadnal, Pecon, Bass, Trebar, Ostanek, Timko, Kramer & Avsenik as well as an original waltz written for his wife.  Musicians include John Detelich (accordion, piano), Joe Zdelar (bass), Victor Psznick (banjo, guitar), Frank Yasnowski (sax, clarinet), Fred Yasnowski (drums) along with special guests Johnny Krizancic, John Ross, John Kuzman Jr. & Tommy Offett.

For a free catalog of Tamburitza & Slovenian Style polka recordings,
Write:  Marjon International Music, Easton Rd., Hermitage, PA  16148-3570
E-mail Johnny & Martha Krizancic:  marjon159@roadrunner.com

"At Last" - Eric & Nancy Noltkamper
Ever since Eric & Nancy married in 1998, people had suggested they do a recording togther.  So, here it is, At Last.  18 tracks show their many musical influences dedicated to family & friends.  You can purchase this & many other CDs online with a major credit card through Nancy's Place.

Nancy's Place for Polkas website:  www.polkas.com
Eric Noltkamper Band website:  www.ericnoltkamperband.com
E-mail:  eric@polkas.com
Write:  Eric & Nancy Noltkamper, P.O. Box 43313, Cleveland, OH  44143

"Reel to Real" - Eddie Gorse
Audio was found on a reel-to-reel tape of Eddie playing his original compositions back in the 1970s.  Bob Kravos edited those tracks and put a band around him with the likes of Ralph Delligatti, Mark Habat, Ron Sluga & Jack Tankovich.  Eddie had written quite a few originals that were recorded by Kenny Bass.  Now for the first time, you can hear 17 tracks more of his material.

Bob Kravos website:  www.bkboysintheband.com
E-mail:  bkboysintheband@aol.com
Write:  Bob Kravos, 11665 Cherry Hollow Dr., Chardon Twp., OH  44024
Phone:  440-286-5556

"Button Box Treasures" & "Plays Old Time Favorites on the Accordion" - Al Meixner
plus the following CD re-releases:
"Sunshine Polkas" & "Polka Fun in the Sun" - Ron Luznar
"Instrumental Button Box Polkas & Waltzes" - Kathy Hlad
"Button Accordion Maestro" - Don Lipovac
"Slovenian Style Polkas & Waltzes" - Al Morouse
"It's About Time" - Johnny Dee Orchestra
"German-Austrian Favorites on the Button Accordion" - Josef Kroboth
"Beautiful Memories 1979" - Joe Weber Band
We received quite a package of digitally-remastered CDs of these rare recordings originally released on LPs many years ago from Al Meixner Music from Eastern Pennsylvania.  The exceptions are Al's 2 latest CDs pictured above; they are brand new releases.  The re-releases are in slim line cases, so they are being sold for only $10.  Regular CDs are $15.  Get the details of all the above CDs and many more by visiting his website below or buy Al's material online at cdbaby.com.

Website:  www.almeixner.com
Buy online:  http://cdbaby.com/all/almeixner
E-mail:  al@almeixner.com
Write:  Al Meixner Music, 5562 Route 145, Laurys Station, PA  18059
Phone 610-261-3881

"The Best of the Best!" - Ken Novak
This CD encompasses 26 tracks of the best of Ken Novak's original tunes from his 7 previous CDs released throught the years 1999-2008.  Most of his material contains vocals written for family members, good friends & people that he has met.  Ken must be fond of quite a few females - of the 26 tracks, 17 are named after different girls!

Website:  www.kennovakmusic.com
E-mail:  kennovak@cox.net
Write:  Ken Novak, 344 E. Calle Aspa, Green Valley, CA, 85614
Phone 520-797-2441

"Back to Back Hall of Fame Polkas" - Walter Ostanek & his Band, Bob Kravos & his Band, Jerry Darlak & the Touch
All 3 bands get together on this latest CD from Sunshine Records of New York.  Walter Ostanek does 7 selections, Bob Kravos does 6 selections, Jerry Darlak does 10 selections.  Also featured are Klancnik & Friends ("Korby's Polka") and Joey Bajuk ("Daly City Polka").  25 tracks in total.  Contact the label & the bands below.

Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  Sunshine Diversified, Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

Contact:  Walter Ostanek, 41 Geneva St., St. Catherines, Ontario, L2R-4M5
Phone:  905-684-2961

Bob Kravos website:  www.bkboysintheband.com
E-mail:  bkboysintheband@aol.com
Write:  11665 Cherry Hollow Dr., Chardon Twp., OH  44024
Phone:  440-286-5556

Jerry Darlak website:  www.jerrydarlakandthetouch.com
E-mail:  Kmachelski@aol.com or jerrydarlak@yahoo.com

"Polkas Hot" - International Main Street Polka Band
David Austin (accordion, vocals), Denny Anderson (banjo, guitar, vocals), Craig Ebel (drums, vocals) & Eric Noltkamper (accordion, bass, piano, solovox, glockenspiel) crank out another CD for 2008 featuring many special guests on the 28 (wow!) included tracks.  

Band Website:  www.imspb.com
E-mail:  imspolkaband@comcast.net
Write:  Denny Anderson, P.O. Box 43394, Brooklyn Park, MN  55443-0394

"Speechless" - Lynn Marie & Charlie Kelley as the Boxhounds
The Boxhounds now consist of a duo - Lynn Marie & Charlie Kelley of Nashville, TN.  This is the 10th album in 10 years for grammy-nominated Lynn Marie.  It contains 11 instrumental originals, 13 tracks in total.  They go into several different rhythmic tempos from traditional polka, to Tex-Mex, to Cajun, to slow ballads.  

Band Website:  www.theboxhounds.com
MySpace page:  www.MySpace.com/theboxhoundsmusic

Purchase at cdbaby.com

"Let the Whole World Sing" - Jimmy Sturr
The latest from 17-time Grammy Award winner & "The #1 Polka Band in the Country" contains 12 tracks of Polish style polkas & waltzes and 2 variety tracks - a swing & ballad instrumental selections. Guest artists include Raul Malo, Charlie Prose, Ray Price, Genarose & Lance Wing.  Check out preview selections at the Rounder website below.

Band Website:  www.jimmysturr.com
E-mail:  jspolka@warwick.net

Label Website:  www.rounder.com

"Mark of Excellence" / "Has the Keys" / "Remembering Dad" - Al Battistelli
"New to us" CDs from Lorain, OH's, accordion wizard Al Battistelli.  The above 3 listed recordings feature mostly Slovenian style polkas & waltzes with sprinkles of Italian & variety music.  The 3 below feature predominantly variety music done with Al's distinctive accordion technique.  All CDs contain between 13-18 tracks each.  Accordion players/fans take notice!

Website:  www.batmusic.com
E-mail:  battmusic@aol.com
Write:  Al Battistelli, 1816 W. 42nd St., Lorain, OH  44053

"Italian Medleys" / "Just For You" / "Romanticos de Battistelli Latin Style Classics"

"Family Tradition" - Alex Meixner
Alex honors four generations of Meixner music with this latest effort. 19 tracks give you a variety of music from international polka styles to world music to Dixieland.  You can contact Alex directly and/or listen to preview tracks & purchase online below.

Website:  www.alexmeixner.com
E-mail:  alex@alexmeixner.com
Write:  Meixner Music Productions, 3440 Lehigh St. #285, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone:  610-774-0446

Purchase online at these sites:

Verne Meisner's Cuca Records LP re-releases on CD
Cuca Records, based in the state of Wisconsin, was founded by James Kirchstein in 1959 and actively produced LP recordings until the early 1970s. During this period, Cuca recorded and released primarily polka and ethnic music on its LPs but also issued other musical styles including pop, rhythm and blues, folk and traditional jazz.  But they were mostly known for their polka & ethnic recordings.  Well, Cuca is back re-mastering & reissuing classic polka LPs by many artists including Verne Meisner.  Visit their Polka page on their website to see their complete list of CDs available.  CDs are $15 each including shipping & tax.  Here is a list of Verne Meisner's Cuca recordings you should have in your collection:
The Little Shoemaker
Plays A Song For You
Polka and Waltz Holiday
Old Country Melodies
Waltzing With You
Dance Album
The Happy Sounds of...
Martinis Manhattans and Meisner

Website:  www.cucarecords.com
E-mail:  Jim Kirchstein
Write:  Cuca Records, 3838 Hwy 78, Mt. Horeb, WI  53572
Phone:  608-437-8970

"The Best of...Summer Music Fest" - Verne & Steve Meisner
This project contains 60 minutes of footage from Verne & Steve's performance at Summer Music Fest in Frankenmuth, MI, over the years of 2001-2003.  You get the DVD video & the audio CD - 13 tracks of Meisner classic tunes performed live including "Strawberries & Raspberries," "El Rio Drive," Slovene & German medleys, "Polka Medley Finale" and more.  Cost is $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping.

Website:  www.stevemeisner.com
E-mail:  meisners@cni-usa.com
Write:  Steve Meisner, N7547 W Lakeshore Dr., Whitewater, WI 53190-4385
Phone:  262-473-7184

"Polkanceptions" - Mike Surratt
Mike 2nd solo effort contains 15 tracks that were written, produced & performed by Mike Surratt using only an Alesis keyboard, Hohner accordion & his voice.  From the liner notes:  "Once again, his efforts delight, confuse and amaze audiences."  

Website:  www.mikesurratt.com
MySpace page:  www.myspace/polkaelement
Write:  Mike Surratt, P.O. Box 418, Glenn Dale, MD  20769

"Polka Fever" - Polkas For Charity
Ted Borzymowski has once again put this second installment of Polkas For Charity together to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  In fact, $12.00 from every sale benefits the charity.  21 tracks are done by 21 different bands of mostly Polish material with a few Slovenian & Country styles of polka.  While this is mostly a compilation recording where most of the selections have already been released on other projects, there are at least 2 original songs that we know of:  "Polka Fever" by the Polkas For Charity Band and "Black Magic" by Klancnik & Friends, written by Brian O'Boyle & Ed  Klancnik.  Go to their website for the complete track/band listing and some audio samples as well.

Website:  www.polkasforcharity.com
E-mail:  ted@polkasforcharity.com
St. Jude's Website:  www.stjude.org
Write:  Polkas For Charity, P.O. Box 835, Fallston, MD 21047-0835

See more info on the first CD installment, Polkas For Charity, on our website below.

"Songs From San Francisco" - Joe Bayuk
Joe has released his third CD featuring 14 tracks of original polkas & waltzes done on the button box, chromatic & half chromatic accordions.  It was recorded at Kravos Recording (OH) and C&C Studios (CA) then mixed at Peppermint Productions (OH).  Recording musicians include Joe Bayuk (accordion), Norm Kobal (sax, clarinet, flute), Ralph Delligatti (bass, piano), Mark Habat (drums) & Eddie Rodick III (banjo, guitar) in addition to several special guests.

Purchase online at cdbaby.com or polkaconnection.com
Write:  Joe Bayuk, 3 Eastgate Dr., Daly City, CA, 94015
E-mail:  bajuk@mac.com

"Live From Casino Regina" - Eddie Rodick
The second live effort from this Cleveland, Ohio, band was recorded in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, over the dates of May 16 & 17, 2008.  Musicians include Eddie Rodick (accordion), Kim Rodick (drums, vocals), Eddie Rodick III (guitar, banjo, vocals), Eric Stehle (sax) and Phil Srnick (bass, vocals).  24 track in total, 15 polkas, 5 waltzes & 4 variety tunes.  

Write:  Eddie Rodick, 8076 Hermitage Rd., Concord, OH  44077
Phone 440-354-2914

"The Best of the D.T.O. - The 5th Decade Volume 3" - Dick Tady Orchestra
The third release in their Best of series, this one features 24 tracks of American Slovene style polkas & waltzes dedicated im memory of wife Sophia Tady, father John "Pap" Tady & uncle Ray Baila.  Among those selections are 2 newly recorded tracks ("Minnesota Rose" & "Kimba's" polkas).  Be sure to pick up the band's other Best of CDs Volume 1 - American - Slovene Style Polkas & Waltzes and Volume 2 - All Time Requested Hits!.  CDs are $17.50 including shipping (add $.50 for additional units).  Visit their website for more details.

Website:  www.dicktadyorchestra.com
E-mail:  dicktadydto@verizon.net
Write:  Richard A. Tady, 152 Cambridge Dr., Harwick, PA, 15049
Phone:  724-274-5247

"Plays Cleveland Style" - Denis Novato
Denis, who resides in Trieste, Italy, has received numerous awards worldwide for his mastery of the button accordion.  On this CD, producer/engineer Bob Kravos assembled top-notch Cleveland style musicians to back him up on these 13 tracks done mostly in the American/Cleveland style.

E-mail:  bkboysintheband@aol.com
Write:  Bob Kravos, 11665 Cherry Hollow Dr., Chardon, OH  44024
Phone 440-286-5556

"Going Back In Time" - Polka Quads
John Salov, the band's leader, has put togther 16 tracks on this one disc that encompasses a brief history of their past 35 years of recordings.  Featured are some of their most popular songs of today, most vocalized by George Murlin, former bass player & vocalist for many years.  CDs are $17.

E-mail:  salov@comcast.net
Write:  John Salov, 31 S. Harrisburg St., Steelton, PA  17113
Phone 717-939-0588

"High Flyin'" & "The Best of Bob Doszak Just For You" - Bob Doszak
These 2 CDs had been previously available only on LP and/or cassette.  High Flyin' contains 12 tracks including 6 originals written by Bob Doszak & 3 tracks of his trademark "dance medleys."  The Best of... is essentially his release Doszak Delivers done back around 1990 with a few bonus tracks added, 15 tracks in all.  If you're a fan of fast-moving Cleveland style material, these 2 classic recordings are "Just For You."

Purchase online at Nancy's Place
E-mail Bob Doszak:  rdoszak@att.net
Write:  1108 Frederick St., Joliet, IL  60435

Check out the lineup for Bob Doszak's Illinois Polkafest held near Chicago, IL, the first weekend in February!

"4th Edition" - The Knewz
"Spare Change" - Nickel City Notes
"Polka Life" - Scrubby & Sunshine
These of Polish-style CDs come in from Sunshine Records.  The Knewz CD contains 15 tracks, the Nickel City Notes' CD (a new polka band from Buffalo, NY) contains 14 tracks and Scrubby & Sunshine's CD is a re-release of a 1986 recording digitally remastered & edited.  You can pick any or all of them up directly through Sunshine's website below.

Sunshine Records Label Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com
Write:  S.D.E., P.O. Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224

The Knewz Website:  www.theknewz.com
E-mail Tom Picciano:  peach22@roadrunner.com

Nickel City Notes and Scrubby & Sunshine have no website/contact information listed

"The Best of..." - Sam Pugliano
25 tracks encompassing the best of Sam's recordings released from 1961-1999.  His own band is featured but the CD enlists the help of bands that have recorded his compositions or with whom he has appeared including selections from the Andy Carrol Trio, Jake Derlink & Canada's Polka King Walter Ostanek.  CDs are $15.

E-mail:  sampug@aol.com
Write:  Sam Pugliano, 123 McKenzie Dr., Pittsburgh, PA  15235
Phone 412-372-5539

"Classics" - Eddie Korosa Jr.
Eddie & "the Boys from Illinois" celebrate 40 years with this CD released in 2006.  Included on these 20 tracks are 10 polkas, 4 waltzes & 6 variety tunes.  Eddie has been performing since at the age of 7 appearing on his dad's TV show Eddie Korosa's Polka Party.  His other appearances include numerous TV shows, commercials & movies not to mention his extensive travel engagements all over the world.

Website:  www.eddiekorosajr.com
E-mail:  ekbabydoll@aol.com
Write:  Eddie Korosa Jr., P.O. Box 115, Summit, IL  60501
Phone 773-586-3719

"Something For Everyone" - Ken Novak
8 original tunes comprise this 24-track Cleveland Style polka & waltz release from Ken Novak, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio, now of Arizona.  He also covers songs by Al Martino, Perry Como & Eddie Arnold plus the likes of Miskulin, Bass, Pecon & Wretschko.  Ken played piano on many polka albums back in the 1970s & 1980s.  Check out his 6 other polka CDs dating back to 1999 featuring most of his own compositions.

Website:  http://members.cox.net/kennovak
E-mail:  kennovak@cox.net
Write:  Ken Novak, 344 E. Calle Aspa, Green Valley, CA, 85614
Phone 520-797-2441

"Wonderful World of Music" - Jeff Winard
Jeff celebrates his 40th anniversary in the music business with this 19-track release featuring 12 polkas, 4 waltzes and 3 variety selections including "The Chicken Dance" featuring his 2 granddaughters.  He does the Yankovic style very well.  Musicians included David Austin, Grant Kozera, Eric Noltkamper, Mike Schneider & Thomas Thome in addition to Jeff playing accordion & singing.  CDs are $15 + $2 shipping.  Click here to order online at Nancy's Place.

Website:  www.wisconsinpolkamusic.com
E-mail:  jwinard@wi.rr.com

Write:  Jeff Winard, P.O. Box 14756, Milwaukee, WI  53214
Phone:  262-695-6474

"Musik Box" - Karl Lukitsch
Presented on this disc are 22 tracks of "best of" material from Karl & the band's 4 previous albums from 1983's Polka Time...Comin' Up LP up to 2006's Livin' It Up CD.  Check the website for complete details & track listing.

Website:  www.karllukitschband.com
E-mail:  karllukitsch@verizon.net

Write:  Karl Lukitsch, 203 Maurice Ct., Pittsburgh, PA  15235
Phone:  412-372-5438

"Best of the West Polkas & Waltzes" - Sam's Variety Gems
Sam Pecorilla from Monroe, Oregon, has put together 17 "best of" polkas & waltzes including "Checkersville Polka," "Hot Tomale," "Somewhere My Love Waltz," "Mozart's Polka" & 13 more on his latest CD release.

Write:  Sam Pecorilla, 24615 William Rd., Monroe, OR  97456
Phone:  541-847-2282 (Oregon)
480-288-9239 (Arizona)

"Button Box Christmas" - Fred Ziwich
Fred Ziwich releases his third Christmas project featuring the button box.  15 tracks including many polkas, waltzes & medleys of traditional, German, Slovenian & Polish carols.  Not to be missed is "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as sung by the "Cleveland-Style Polka Illuminaries."

E-mail Fred:  FPZISM@aol.com
Write:  Fred Ziwich, 28454 Douglas Dr., North Olmsted, OH  44070
Phone:  440-734-2404

For some other recommended Prime Time Christmas recordings, visit our Christmas Music page.

"Whoop! 30th Anniversary" - Western Pennsylvania Button Box Club
The organization celebrates their 30th anniversary with this latest 18-track all-instrumental release.  Founded in 1978 by Edward "Moose" Ramous, they recorded 3 previous full-length recordings during that time.  This CD is sure to become a favorite of our Prime Time listeners here & abroad.  CDs are $15 plus $2 shipping.

E-mail Jeff Palastro:  labman1jtp@yahoo.com
Phone:  412-279-7755

"Diamond Anniversary Edition" - Penn-Ohio Polka Pals
The third CD released by this Youngstown, Ohio-based group of musicians commemorates the organization's 30 years in existence.  21 Penn-Ohio bands are represented, each performing one track.

Organization Website:  www.polkapals.com
E-mail:  popp@yahoo.com
Write:  Penn-Ohio Polka Pals, 993 Gary Ave., Girard, OH  44420

Label Website:  www.peppermintrecords.com
Write:  Peppermint Records, 803 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, OH  44502

"Dueling Polkas" - Walter Ostanek & his Band vs. Brian Sklar & the Western Senators
These two bands face off against each other doing 10 tracks each on this one disc.  Solid stuff including many originals by Brian Sklar's Western Senators.  Joey Miskulin sits in on second accordion with both bands.  2 bonus tracks include appearances by the Klancnik & Friends Band ("Perko's Polka") and Denis Novato ("Chardon Polka").  

Write:  Sunshine Diversified, Box 652, West Seneca, NY, 14224
Website:  www.sdemusic.com
E-mail:  sde224@aol.com

Contact:  Walter Ostanek, 41 Geneva St., St. Catherines, Ontario, L2R-4M5
Phone:  905-684-2961

Brian Sklar's website:  www.polkarama.com
e-mail:  webmaster@polkarama.com
write:  Polkarama,1460 Benjamin Crescent, Regina, SK Canada  S4X 4G9
or phone:  306-545-1865

"Polkas That Are...Out of This World" - George Suhon
It's been one year since his prior outstanding effort Songs in the Key of Polka.  He again does all the instruments (real & virtual) and vocals on these 12 all-original polka & waltz tracks.  Check out tunes like "That's Why God Gave Us Memories" written for Little Marko (Polka) Kuhns, 4 button box tracks, "Polka Stripper," "Don't Look At Us" & more.  CDs are $15 plus $1 shipping.  Ask about his other great recordings as well.

Website:  www.suhon.com
E-mail:  george@suhon.com
Write:  George Suhon, 598 Dry Ridge Rd., West Alexander, PA, 15376
Phone:  724-484-0215

"Soleckive Sounds" - Kevin Solecki
Kevin's sophomore project features 19 tracks of a variety of music including Polish, Slovenian, French, Italian, Irish, Eastern plus novelty & standard styles.  It was recorded by Brian O'Boyle & Ed Klancnik (of the Klancnik & Friends Band), then mixed & edited by Gary Rhamy of Peppermint Productions.  Accordion players - check this one out!  CDs are $15 including shipping.  Pick up Kevin's first CD Solecktions for just $10 including shipping.  Visit his website to download mp3 preview tracks.

Write:  Kevin Solecki, 1208 S. Pennsbury Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA, 15205
Website:  www.kevinsolecki.com
E-mail:  kevinpolkacd@aol.com
Phone: 412-278-1921

"The Rest of The Best of" - Joe Fedorchak Orch.
This 18-song CD contains the tracks not included on The Best of the Joe Fedorchak Orch. CD release back in 1995.  Going back to the band's first 3 recordings originally done in the 70s on vinyl LP, cassette & 8-track cartridge (yep) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, The Second Time Around and By Request, Gary Rhamy of Peppermint Productions remastered those selections as he did in 1995.  Also included are the band's selections from Walter Ostanek's Polkastalgia Vols. 1 & 2 and Music & Friends, the Penn-Ohio Polka Pals recordings Souvenir Edition and 20th Anniversary plus tracks Joe recorded with Fred Ziwich's International Sound Machine on the Ostanek / Ziwich release Good Friends - Good Music.  Pick up this CD along with The Best of and That Old Gang of Mine and you'll have the entire Joe Fedorchak Orch. library on 3 CDs.
E-mail Joe Fedorchak:  jofo1@zoominternet.net
Write:  Joe Fedorchak, 1898 Leland Dr., Youngstown, OH  44514

Label Website:  www.peppermintrecords.com

"Polka's Revenge" - Brave Combo
Denton, Texas' own Brave Combo is back with this new CD of polkas, waltzes & obereks.  20 tracks in various musical styles like rock, German, Polish, Tex-Mex, Slovenian (yes, they cover a Stan Blout polka medley as arranged by George Suhon & joined by Don Lipovac on accordion) & more.  Visit their website for complete details & song preview samples.

Website:  http://brave.com/bo

Write:  Brave Combo, P.O. Box 233, Denton, TX  76202

 "Let's Get This Party Started" - Polkas For Charity
This project, headed up by Ted Borzymowski, was put together to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  In fact, $8.00 from every sale benefits the charity.  13 tracks of very nice stuff inlcuding Polish, Slovenian, Zydeco & Country styles of polka.  Check out the song "More Beer."  Guest artists include Lenny Gomulka, Hank Guzevich, Frank Liszka, Ryan Ogrodny, Bob McBride & many others.

Website:  www.polkasforcharity.com
E-mail:  ted@polkasforcharity.com
St. Jude's Website:  www.stjude.org
Write:  Polkas For Charity, P.O. Box 835, Fallston, MD 21047-0835

"25  Years of Miles, Smiles and Memories" - Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen
"Wisconsin's Concertina Kid" Gary Brueggen celebrates his 25 years in the biz with this latest effort containing 22 tracks of Dutchmen style of polkas, waltzes & more.  Gary also pulls out the button box on a few tunes.  Special guest on 4 tracks is Western PA's own Joe Grkman Jr.

Band Website:  www.geocities.com/Nashville/Rodeo/2361
E-mail:  wisconcertinakid@hotmail.com
Write:  Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen, 26980 Cty. Rd. U, Cashton, WI  54619

"Polka Sweetheart" - Eddie Rodick
Their latest CD since 1998's That's My Style contains 15 tracks of the band's patented hard-driving Cleveland style polkas & waltzes.  The father & daughter team of Joey & Katie Miskulin join in on the title track.  Musicians include Eddie Rodick (accordion, organ), Frank Yasnowski (sax, clarinet, flute), Phil Srnik (bass, vocals), Kim Rodick (drums, vocals) & Eddie Rodick III (guitar, banjo, piano, vocals).

Write:  Eddie Rodick, 8076 Hermitage Rd., Concord, OH  44077

"Melodies From Beautiful Slovenia" - Bob Kravos & Joe Bayuk
Joe has again hooked up with recording engineer Bob Kravos to produce his second CD featuring 15 tracks of the European/Slovenian sound on the button accordion.  Joe enlists the services of the members of Fantje Na Vasi ("boys from the village") vocalizing on many tunes mostly written by Slak & Mihelic.  Recording musicians include Joe Bayuk (accordion), Fred Ziwich (clarinet), Ralph Delligatti (bass), John Ferfolia (guitar) & Michael Kramar (baritone horn).

Write:  Joe Bayuk, 3 Eastgate Dr., Daly City, CA, 94015
E-mail:  bajuk@mac.com

"Se Eno!" - Murski Val
This 6-member group hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.  They make annual trips to Slovenefest in Enon Valley, PA, in July.  14 tracks of the European/Slovenian style of polkas, waltzes & more. Showing their international versatility on this release, the group expands into some Mexican-style selections as well as Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" and Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia."

To order a CD, e-mail Monika
or call 416-558-1643
See video clips at www.youtube.com and search "Murski Val"

"A Tribute To Benzy Rathbone" - Tony Grandovic Productions
Tony Grandovic, member of the Dick Tady Orchestra, has orchestrated his own tribute to one of Western PA's greats, the late Benzy Rathbone.  Benzy played most notably with Jack Tady in the 1970s then formed his own "Benzy Rathbone Combo" in the 80s & 90s.  Featured on this 19 track release are Joe Alsippi (sax, Benzy's long-time sax player), Mike Cushma (half chromatic), John Plesha (clarinet, sax) in addition to many more special guests.

E-mail:  tonygrandovic@comcast.net
Write:  Grandovic Productions, 111 Carolyn Dr., Coraopolis, PA  15108
Phone:  724-695-0146

"Like Father, Like Son" - John Lipinski
21 tracks of classic polkas & waltzes on this second CD release by the John Lipinski Band from Youngstown, Ohio.  Band members include John on accordion & button box, Joe Edwards on sax & clarinet, Eric Noltkamper on banjo & guitar, Hank Guzel Jr. on bass, Al Bambic on drums and son Jim Lipinski on vocals.  Special guests include Chrissy Wojtila Lipinski, Don & Dan Wojtila and Jason Uzl.

Write:  John Lipinski, 132 Homestead Dr., Boardman, OH 44512
E-mail:  jjaccman@yahoo.com
or e-mail Jim Lipinski:  jimlap17@yahoo.com

"Polka Freak Out" - Bubba Hernandez & Alex Meixner
15 tracks of "Alex's Eastern European accordion styles mixed with a Tex-Mex rhythm section in a pop rock aesthetic" comprise this unique project.  You probably know Alex Meixner from the Al Meixner (his dad) trio from Eastern PA and Bubba Hernandez of the grammy-winning band from Texas, Brave Combo.  Visit their album website below to hear mp3 samples of the tunes off this CD & much more.

Album Website:  www.polkafreakout.com
Label Website:  www.moonzerobirdrecords.com
MySpace page:  http://myspace.com/polkafreakout
E-mail:  hernandezbubba@gmail.com
Write:  Moon Zero Bird Records, P.O. Box 2012, Denton, TX  76202

also visit www.brave.com/bo, http://www.alexmeixner.com/trio.html and http://www.myspace.com/alexmeixner

"LIVE at the Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, MI" - Joe Maloy
"Mr. Oktoberfest" releases this 45-minute DVD of his live performance strolling at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant during Summer Musicfest in August of 2006.  Filmed by Polka Joe Trzeciak of New York, it also features slideshows of the many pictures taken during that time.  Be careful; this DVD is rated "Extreme Happiness and Fun."  If you were there during Joe's performance, you may be on here!  DVDs are just $10 plus $1 shipping.
Order from us:
Prime Time Polkas, P.O. Box 73, N. Versailles, PA 15137

or order directly from Mr. Oktoberfest:
Joe Maloy, 136 Peanut St., Derry, PA 15627
Phone:  724-697-9474
Website:  www.joemaloy.com

Frankie Spetich REVISITED"Frankie Spetich Revisited" - Klancnik & Friends Band
An idea of Jelse Vos (who is credited as executive producer) of The Netherlands and brought to life thanks to digital technology by Ed Klancnik of Nashville, TN.  Start with the original Frankie Spetich master tapes recorded back in the mid 1970s at Peppermint Productions in Youngstown, OH.  Digitally remaster Frankie's box tracks and add the talents of Brian O'Boyle from Pittsburgh, PA, (his first full length recording by the way) on piano & button box accordions, piano, organ & trumpet.  Chuck in the rhythm section of Ed Klancnik from Nashville, TN, on banjo, guitars & drums and Jerry Zagar (yep, that's me) on bass.  Last but not least, top it off with the sax & clarinet talents of Ken Klancnik from Michigan.  What you have is 17 smokin' tracks of Frankie Spetich instrumental polkas & waltzes done in the Klancnik style (9 button box and 8 piano accordion selections).  Highly recommended!

Label Website:  www.ranchrecordings.com
E-mail:  edmsu@yahoo.com
or write:  Ed Klancnik, 8737 S. Stony Creek Rd., Carleton, MI, 48117

read review of the CD by Nostradamus

"Polkarama! Volume Two: Let's Have A Polka Party" CD
- The Western Senators with Walter Ostanek
These professionally done live releases come in from Brian Sklar of Canada.  Both the CDs & all the videos feature special guests Walter Ostanek, Norm Kobal & Ron Sluga with The Western Senators.  They taped 12 different half-hour segments for television broadcast in Canada, all of which are now available on 3 videos (DVD or VHS tapes) and two audio-only releases on CD (Vol. 2 pictured on left).  The CDs contain 15 live selections each with a "best of" collection of the audio tracks from the 3 DVD releases.

The CD is $15 & each DVD/VHS is $30 including shipping.  These are prime time recommended for your home entertainment system!!!  For more information on these recordings, contact Brian Sklar via e-mail at sklar01@sasktel.net.

Volume One: Strictly for PolkaholicsDVD Shows 1-4DVD Shows 5-8DVD Shows 9-12Also available: "Polkarama! Vol. 1 - Strictly for Polkaholics" CD plus 3 "Polkarama!" videos featuring Walter Ostanek, Norm Kobal & Ron Sluga with The Western Senators performing live in Canada.  12 different 30-minute shows (four each DVD or VHS tape) that are professionally shot with excellent digital audio/video quality.  Get your copies today by visiting


e-mail:  webmaster@polkarama.com

Maxxam Attractions
Polkarama Division
1460 Benjamin Crescent
Regina, SK Canada  S4X 4G9
or phone:  306-545-1865

If you're a fan of country music with a splash of Cajun, visit Brian Sklar's www.texpistols.com

"City of Champions" - Jimmy Pol
If you're looking for that all-encompassing CD containing all of Jimmy Pol's Steeler fight songs, here it is.  It features the brand new 2005 Steelers Fight Song (to the Pennsylvania Polka) and tunes going back to the 70's & 80's never before available in one collection:  1995, 1980, 1979, 1978 & 1973 Steelers Fight Songs; Pittsburgh - City of Champions; Pirates Power & Steelers Sing Along.  12 tracks in all...get this one for your archives!

Available locally at Bob Lavella's Fun Party Stores (all locations) - Belle Vernon, Greensburg, Jeannette & Mount Pleasant
call toll-free 1-800-FOR-FUNN or visit www.funpartystores.com

or write:  Peppermint Productions, 803 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, OH, 44502
Phone:  330-783-2222
E-mail: info@PeppermintRecords.com
Visit their website

"The Mis-Tre Together Again" - The Miskulin-Trebar Orchestra
(released in 2003, received December 17, 2004 from Joey Miskulin)
These 28 polkas & waltzes were originally recorded in 1979 & 1981.  But in order to release them on this CD, they had to go back to the 1/4 inch backup tapes (the masters were lost in 1982) and remaster them.  The CD contains all the selections from their two albums, "Mis-Tre Polkas & Waltzes" and "Miskulin & Trebar 2" plus four selections that were never previoulsy available on any Mis-Tre recording until now.  Featured are Joey Miskulin (accordion, piano, bass, solovox, vocals), Lou Trebar (accordion), Dave Wolnik (drums), Willie Strah (bass), Al Markic (banjo) & Norm Kobal (saxophone, clarinet, flute).  Pick this one up & see for yourself why this made the list as a Prime Time Essential Recording.

Write:  Musicwagon Nashville, P.O. Box 158061, Nashville, TN, 37215
E-mail: joey@musicwagon.com
Website:  www.musicwagon.com

"Polkas United" - Walter Ostanek and Gaylord Klancnik
After listening to the new album...you might not be able to turn it off!
That's a quote from the introductory letter accompanying the CD in its package and we tend to agree.  Combining the talents of two musicians/band leaders (& their bands) from Canada & the U.S., this recording rolls from beginning to end with several new selections along with some you may remember.  Check out "The Good Old Days Are New Again," "My Beautiful Slovenia Waltz," "My Polka Pal," "S-O-S Polka" & "Linden Leaf Waltz" all originals from the Gaylord Klancnik Band.  The bands crank up 9 selections each to make up this 18 track CD.  Highly recommended!

Label Website:  www.ranchrecordings.com
E-mail:  edmsu@yahoo.com
Write:  Ed Klancnik, 8737 S. Stony Creek Rd., Carleton, MI, 48117

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