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Steve & Marge Pucker featured in the Pittsburgh Senior News...

From : george@suhon.com

Sent : Friday, July 22, 2005 12:18 AM

To : pamandjerry@primetimepolkas.com

Subject : PSA

Hello Mr. & Mrs. Zagar,

I hope you and all your listeners are feeling better now that the Pucker virus has been itendified. Although there is no cure it is possible to gain relief from said virus by purchasing a copy of "Steve Pucker Sings Again". This will allieviate the some of the "pain" and the swelling tends to decrease to a bearable level.

I regret to say that the virus found its way into the Polka arena by none other than myself, however, because it is an airborne virus it is very prone to spread rapidly. Carriers of this viral infection have been seen at local polka hotspots. These carries help to spread the virus. Some of these carriers are "the Joe Grkman band, the Karl Lukitsch band, Frank Palombi, and others. Please be aware that frequenting establishments where these carriers are performing may put you in contact with the Pucker virus. Be warned! THERE IS NO CURE! And once infected its like herpes....it never goes away.

Remember, purchasing a copy of "Pucker Sings Again" only allieviates some of the symptoms of the Pucker virus but does not cure it. There are side effects to listening to "Steve Pucker Sings Again" for which I take no responsibility. Please read the label before using.

Lastly, I understand that Mo Po Pharmecueticals is working on a new drug that will eliminate the Pucker virus but until then we'll just have to grin and bear it.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from George Suhon Studios. I am writing this to you from high atop the Himalayas where I have found solice. After working for so long with Steve Pucker I have found it necessary to go into exile and find the true meaning of life. I have been in contact with Tibetan monks who have taught me the true meaning of spiritualality and life after Pucker! True spirituality and life is the sound of one hand clapping.

Feel free to make this PSA on the air. You may edit it as you like.

Your friend
Maharishi Suhon

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