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Fall Benefit Oktoberfest Dance 2004
Sunday, October 3, 2004
Sygan SNPJ Lodge #6 in Bridgeville, PA
The Oktoberfest spirit was in the air on this sunny 60-degree fall afternoon as Prime Time Polkas celebrated their Fall Benefit Dance at Sygan SNPJ.  The music started off at 3 PM with the great sound of the Don Wojtila Band from Cleveland, Ohio, featuring Don on accordion, keyboard & vocals, Dick Flaisman on sax & vocals, Eddie Klancnik on banjo & guitar, Ralph Delligatti on bass and Al Bambic on drums.  Fred Greogorich ("doggoneright") sat in with band doing some of the material off their "Polka Lovin' Gal" collaberation done back in 1994.  Fred & the Don Wojtila Band are currently working on another release due out this fall entitled "Polkas On Broadway."

At 4:30 PM, George Suhon & Silver Sky took to the stage.  George was featured on accordion, keyboard & vocals, Dave Stirk on banjo, guitar & vocals, Ed "Dink" Makowski on bass & vocals, Gary Pernisek on drums and Don Rutkauskas on keyboard.  Later in their set, they were joined on stage by Frank & Darryl Valencic on the button boxes plus Skip Tomescko on bass and Bert Klements on washboard.  Outstanding stuff!

At 6 PM, the Don Wojtila Band returned to the stage, later joined by Steve Novosel on accordion & Carole Zagar on button box.  The band concluded their portion of the music with great polkas & waltzes up until 7:30.

Door prizes, the Sygan club's 50/50 & our "Fast Cash" drawings were given away & then it was back to the stage for George Suhon & Silver Sky.  Joining in on stage was "Mr. Oktoberfest" Joe Maloy, who had come from a previous engagement that day in West Virginia, 10-year old Stevie Novosel sat in on the drums and Steve "American Idol" Pucker did some of his classic tunes on vocals as the crowd grew in front of the stage watching them.  George & the guys then played a set of great oldies and variety music and finished with fantastic polkas & waltzes to the delight of the crowd who remained to the end at 9 PM.
Special thanks to:

- The performers who donated their time & talents:  George Suhon, Ed "Dink" Makowski, Gary Pernisek, Frank & Darryl Valencic, Skip Tomecsko, Steve & Stevie Novosel, "Mr. Oktoberfest" Joe Maloy, Carole Zagar, Don Rutkauskas, Steve Pucker & Bert Klements.

- Jerry Zagar Sr. - handled the door admissions

- Steve Pucker & Bob Zagar - helped at the door with admission tickets

- Ruth Rutkauskas & Carole Zagar who handled the "Fast Cash" drawing

- The officers & members of Sygan SNPJ Lodge #6 for the use of the hall

- Ed & Amy, the bartenders, Pearl & Toni, the waitresses, and the kitchen staff

- The polka DJs who helped promote the event, especially those in attendance including Larry & Cindy Placek from KHB, Jack & Peggy Tady from WEDO and former WWCS polka DJ Gil Yurus

- Those who donated door prizes and gave cards & donations

and VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all of you, the listeners & supporters of our radio show who were in attendance and those that gave donations above & beyond the regular admission price.  Without you & your support, it would be impossible for us to do what we do!

See Pics of the event here

Special thanks to all who helped make this event a success, especially those great dancers and listeners of our show who came out in support...you're why we do what we do!


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