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Joe Grkman Band Live Broadcast Pics

Here are some pics from our July 14th, 2000 broadcast featuring the Joe Grkman Band LIVE in our studios!

Joe Jr. gettin' the equipment ready...

Pam & Jerry at the mics...we're not usually this organized!

Don taking dedications on the phone and the computer...

Joe Jr., Mike "What key??" and Pap.

Denise, Steve, Joe Jr., Ron Stemple, Joe Sr. and Judy Stemple during the first hour

Jerry running back and forth behind the drums.

Joe Jr. having fun while Pam's on the air...              Denise, Carole Zagar and Elsie Grkman

Back:  Steve, Mike, Elsie and Joe Grkman Sr.
Front:  Denise and Joe Grkman Jr.

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